Our Very Important Pet Club gives us the opportunity to administer necessary vaccinations and dispense accurate and effective worming and flea treatments.  In addition, performing an overall clinical examination allows us to monitor the general health of your pet and detect any potential problems, helping your pet to enjoy a healthy, happy life. The Plan also enables you to spread the cost of your pets health care with interest-free monthly payments by direct debit.

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The Plan provides your pet with: 

  • A full clinical examination, twice per year which includes:
      • General health
      • Ears
      • Eyes
      • Weight
      • Claws
      • Dental health
  • Treatment planning
  • Annual vaccinations
  • Worming treatments (sufficient for 12 months)
  • Flea treatments (sufficient for 12 months)
  • Dietary advice 

You will also receive 10% discount on our normal fees, to include:

      • Consultations
      • Neutering
      • Surgery
      • X-rays
      • Blood tests
      • Additional vaccinations
      • Kennel Cough vaccination
      • Drugs and medicines purchased at the surgery
      • Diets and sundries purchased at the surgery.

  Annual Vaccinations cover the following: 

Canine Feline Rabbit
Distemper Flu Myxomatosis
Hepatitis Enteritis Viral Haemorrhagic Disease
Leptospirosis Leukaemia  


Pet Health Care Plan Prices


Price per month

Small dog (under 10kg)


Medium dog (10-20kg)


Large dog (21-40kg)


Giant dog (over 40kg)



Rabbit £6.60









For more information contact us at any of the surgeries on the telephone numbers listed above, or visit us to discuss more about the Pet Health Care Plan.